Job opening for Aluminum – Metal technician: Green skills are required. What are green skills and why are they important in the near future?



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Job opening for Aluminum – Metal technician: Green skills are required. What are green skills and why are they important in the near future?

METVET, a European research Project with partners from Greece, Belgium, Germany and Italy, conducts a supranational analysis on the emerging labour market needs and suggests a suitable curriculum through which Aluminum and Metal technicians will be trained on green skills and can be upgraded from EQF 4 to EQF 5.

European Qualifications Framework (EQF) concerns eight reference levels describing what a learner knows, understands and is able to do. EQF 5 means that a learner acquires a comprehensive range of cognitive and practical skills required to develop creative solutions to abstract problems. (S)he has also the responsibility and autonomy to exercise management and supervision in contexts of work or study activities where there is unpredictable change; review and develop performance of self and others. 

The structural changes that have taken place in the EU over the years created new opportunities, exposing the labour force and the companies on new fast changing knowledges and thus necessitating them to acquire and adopt novel skill and competences. Until 2008, this process, enabling the adoption of new skills, was progressing smoothly; the younger brought new skills from the education domain, while the experienced ones had the chance to update their competences via continuous educational courses. However, after 2008 the persisting economic crisis resulted in high unemployment rates and suspended the on-going vocational education and training of new labour staff, although at the same time the technical specifications became stricter and the need for special training came to be crucial.
In order to face this problem, EU has put down and runs initiatives pertaining the evaluation of the new technical specifications and the prediction of the arisen needs to appear in the years to come.
In this context, METVET, ( studies and seeks new knowledge, skills and competences that are expected to be important for an Aluminum and Metal Technician in the manufacturing sector. This sector is expected to contribute significantly in meeting the goals related to the climate change and the respective milestones. To this end, the education and training in new green skills is of vital importance. More specifically, METVET Project seeks the necessary skills in order to upgrade the Aluminum and Metal Technician from EQF4 to EQF5.
In EQF5 a technician is expected to plan, design, construct and take decisions with autonomy on issues related to materials to be used and to processed to be followed as well as on issues related to the installation of the metallic constructions. It is noted that EQF5 is the level just before the level that is attained with a bachelor’s degree.
At this point some questions arise:
  • What kind of skills are green skills?
  • How important are they?
  • What is the lack of knowledge so far and how green skills can be taught?
  • How are green skills related to the conventional/traditional skills of an Aluminum and Metal Technician?
To answer all the above, a qualitative research study was conducted and critical stakeholders were in-depth interviewed. Experienced technicians, entrepreneurs and engineers working in this sector and from three different EU countries (Germany, Italy and Greece) contributed in this analysis. Indicative questions and statistics are illustrated here beneath. 


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