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Lead Partner
151, Thessalonikis Str., 17610 Kallithea - Athens, Greece Mrs. Katerina Kalaitzaki + 30 210 4857 620 GREECE

Public School of Trades and Vocations

Sivitanidios Public School of Trades & Vocations was established as an entity of public law in 1927 and we could say that it is actually the first operated public vocational school in Greece. A total of 2,500 students attend the Institution on an annual basis, in four different specialties’ vocational schools, one Institute of Vocational Training and one Lifelong Learning Centre. Sivitanidios is the most recognizable educational “brand name” in the world of labour and SME’S in Greece. It employs more than 150 Full-Time Permanent Employment Teachers, 100 Independent Services Cooperation or part time Contract Trainers and 40 Full-Time Permanent Employment Administrative personnel. Sivitanidios staff has extensive experience on designing and developing educational programs, materials, courses, projects, etc. especially relating to technical subjects. It also has a strong commitment to innovation in teaching and learning and since January 2017 is a «Mobility Charter Holder in Vocational Education and Training», under ERASMUS+ (2016-1-EL01-KA109-023767).

46, Aristotelous Str., 10433 Athens, Greece Mr. Gerasimos Karoulas + 30 210 823 4722 GREECE

Small Enterprises’ Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals Craftsmen & Merchants

The Small Enterprises’ Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants (IME GSEVEE) operates, as a consultancy body and an observatory for policies, on economic and social affairs and issues of interest for small enterprises, following and assessing the results and outcomes of the initiatives and programs carried out. IME GSEVEE has expertise in planning and implementing educational and lifelong learning programs, in conducting studies on occupational profiles, and on other SMEs-targeted issues.

24, Kapodistriou Str., 10682 Athens, Greece Mr. Stelios Lamprakopoulos + 30 697 2831 282 GREECE

Panhellenic Federation of Craftsmen in Aluminium & Metal Constructions

The Panhellenic Federation of Craftsmen in Aluminium and Metal Constructions (POVAS) is a second level trade union organization, having as members’ technicians or companies in the field of aluminium and iron constructions as well as mixed unions of aluminium & iron manufacturers. It represents 24 Greek Unions. One of its basic scopes is to organize lectures, seminars, conferences, regional or local colloquies for briefing, processing, collective approach and assertion of problems.

Via B. Luini, 5 - 20123 Milano, Italy Mrs. Barbara Archesso + 39 (0)49 8658 925 ITALY

European Forum of Technical & Vocational Education & Training

ENAIP NET is one of the largest Italian VET providers' networks, with 1.300 employees, 80 training centers, and more than 45.000 students per year. ENAIP NET’s centers in the Lombardy region have already carried out several initiatives in the field of sustainable constructions.

7, rue Victor Oudart, 1030 Brussels, Belgium Mrs. Angeliki Psychogyiou +32 (0) 27722858 BELGIUM

European Vocational Training Association

The European Vocational Training Association is a network organization representing VET providers across Europe since 1998. EVTA will implement dissemination activities at EU and national level, exploitation and mainstreaming, ensuring that the major project’s results will be not only disseminated at European and national level, but also, and most important, “assimilated” and included in the debate on policy reforms by EU institutions and national governments concerning VET.

Nansenstraße 19, 76870 KANDEL, Germany Mr. Fritz-Gerhard Kuhn +49 176 56702089 GERMANY

Institute for the Promotion of Technical & Vocational Education & Training

IFB is an institute for further vocational education and training for skilled workers in industry and in direct cooperation with regional companies and industries. Scope of ifb-Woerth’s courses is on higher vocational education, upgrading skilled workers from EQF level 4 to level 5 and 6 with the chance to directly start an academic career on university first circle studies.

429, Mesogeion Ave., 15343 Ag. Paraskevi, Greece Mrs. Vivi Vardalachou +30 210 5220 920 GREECE

Technical services in the fields of Audit, Certification, Technical Inspection & Training

TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas is an international company with operations in more than 40 countries worldwide. It employs more than 1,500 employees, providing accredited technical services in the fields of Audit, Certification, Technical Inspection and Training. It has participated in Sectoral & Technical Committees and specific working groups, offering its expertise in procedures of documents standardization. Having developed and implemented Certification Schemes for various professional categories, according to the international standard ISO/IEC 17024 "Conformity assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons", it has produced well-designed and structured assessments schemes, using defined and transparent criteria for the evaluation and scoring of persons’ competences.

Associated Partner
41 Ethnikis Antistaseos Ave., 14234 Athens, Greece +30 210 2709 000 GREECE

National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance

EOPPEP’s mission is geared towards linking VET with labor market needs, upgrading people’s occupational qualifications, reinforcing their employment perspectives and strengthening social cohesion. It corresponds to the pressing need of creating and maintaining a holistic and interrelated policy framework for the development of lifelong learning and certification of qualifications in Greece, linking with the open market and responding to the needs of the citizens, a central issue in EU policy.

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METVET LEADER: Sivitanidios Public School of Trades and Vocations
151 Thessalonikis str., 17610, Kallithea - Athens, Greece

Contact Person: Mrs Katerina Kalaitzaki, Tel: + 30 210 4857620, Email:

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